Whether it is a new school, a 20 story building, a restoration project, or industrial construction, Madison Construction builds on the same foundation: qualified people, strength, performance, and lasting value. We are committed to providing you quality construction for your industry, development, and individual.



Madison Construction is a financially strong commercial contractor company committed to the industry and to providing quality construction services for you. As a subsidiary of The Adam Corporation/Group, our financial strength offers our clients security and long-term commitment for any project. We are a strong qualified company, shaped by our seasoned managers and strong technical support team working together to ensure success.


What We Can Offer

Madison Construction does two things really well: we know what it takes to run our team and we can customize anything you need built.  As experienced construction managers in the Brazos Valley, we can manage any size project — our experience ranges from schools, memorial installations, historical building renovations, automotive dealerships, medical centers, and hotels.  

But…that isn’t all we do.

Madison can handle the design and build for your next project.  We can modify existing plans and customize anything you need in commercial real estate.  We know you have budgetary constraints and we’ve noticed everybody is in a hurry.  We know.  We understand our clients and that is precisely why we have a rock-solid reputation here in town and stay busy.  Year by year, project by project,  we’ve been building more than great facilities.  We’ve been building our reputation on transparency and trust.  You can see our books; we’ll be happy to show you updates throughout the process.  You’ll know where we are based on our front-end agreements and finalized budget.  Good communication is as important to Madison as the concrete and glass we install.  We know it matters to our clients, too.

From Boonville Road to Highway 50, from Iola to Caldwell and anywhere in between, you can find our work standing strong.  Give Madison a call today and let’s see what we can build together.